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Every crazy, with his craziness
By Serafin Alarcon

When you read the discussion board or the wall in Facebook the less you read is precisely that, a real and intense discussion or a comment. A good and interesting theme is always missing; instead of it, you find always lots of sales.
For example, you can read a post selling; miracle products that enhance your energy, or real state, a cell phone offer, an accounting service, online games, post cards, a new pub or an easy way to earn money without investing time and resources.
So I say; every crazy with his craziness… Every one has the right to be crazy about something, every one has the right to sell something and not use the space for real discussion or comment.

Today, I am not going to do the same… No, I’m not going to sell or try to convince you to use a miracle product or to buy something…
My particular craziness is not a cell phone or a super product. My theme is a person, is the best thing that could happen to you if your heart is not harden. That someone is Christ, that someone is God.
Yes, another crazy about something as well, you’ll say…
You now what? Those whose only inspiration is sell something, keep on doing it… Maybe tomorrow you can be again a good source inspiration.

As has just been said:
"Today, if you hear his voice,
do not harden your hearts…
Hebrew 3.15

I forgot to tell you… Forgive my awful English.

Serafin-Tablitas del Señor

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