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Jose De Diego

Jose De Diego
Jose De Diego,
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For almost two years
Serafin Alarcon

They were around nine in the morning and I was writing my resignation from my desk. In a country in where unemployment is high I resigned to a twelve years job with a multinational company, a good wage and benefits.
-Here, this is my resignation... Give the brief letter and I took leave of all with a calm smile.
-He’s crazy… Somebody murmured…
In December six of year 2005 I resigns to me "secular" job to work full time in an evangelistic and missionary ministry. And the truth I do not regret. They have been almost two years full of surprises, challenges, fears, but mainly gigantic blessings. The missionary work is not for all, entails resignation to many comforts and whims of the ego. It is a daily task and constant it does not matter that you even exert it in your own country, as is my case. To walk by the streets of my country, from district to urbanization or residential gives you a perspective of life much deeper. A whole new interpretation of how to spread the gospel becomes an every day blessing… When somebody requests you pray for him on a street or the balcony of its house the sensation you feel is giant. To speak to a group young men in a penal institution and to perhaps see its faces for the first time, illuminated by the hope word do not have comparison.
But, the experience becomes insurmountable when somebody says to you: “you’ve been sent by God”... I confess that not all people receive you with the same faith and love, but of those I will not speak, at least today... And what I have to say of the Internet? This is a valuable tool, one that has a unlimited reach. To do friends in India, Australia, Africa, the United States, Italy, France even surpassing the barrier of the language and the culture is some of the surprises that Christ had for me. The short preaching in Youtube and other channels like Dailymotion and blogs pages have opened doors that I never imagine. And to think that the investment has been minimum, that most has made it God. For almost two years. Who was going it to think? Thanks to the internet tool I was able to reunite with my daughter again.... That has been the greater blessing. Almost two years, it was the best decision of my life, without a doubt.
The world, people are thirsty of God. Speak on to others of Christ; spread the message of love, not from a religious and denominational perspective... No, do it from the same heart of Jesus using only its word like primary source of information. Let us request to him that it does uses us as instruments of his peace that does of our hands, instruments to rise and of our voice lights to guide.
God has been faithful, only is called on to us respond the same.
-Forgive my awful English…

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